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The Spirit of Keats & Nick Cave

September 4, 2016


I'm in bed, it's Sunday morning and Swindon Festival of Poetry is fast approaching.


I'm listening to Vivien Munday the soprano who is appearing alongside Paul Turner and Will Kettle at The Arts Centre on 2nd October.


I'm reading John Keats too as the event is a celebration of the poet called 'The Spirit of Keats' but enough about him, back to the soaring voice of Vivien.


In fact not even back to her voice, because I'm also watching her on YouTube, she's performing Rachmaninov in a church in Munster Square in London.


She reminds me of Nick Cave, not so much the bramble haired screecher of his Birthday Party days, but more Nick Cave now, or at least the last time I saw him.


Watching the soprano climb into the song and lose herself so completely in it makes me think of Nick at Glastonbury a few years ago, singing 'From Her To Eternity' as if his her depended on it.


I love watching these Sister Sledge 'Lost in Music' moments, that's how I feel as I've clambered back out of a great poem, absorbed, suckered in, chained to the words, slave to the rhythm.


Now then, Grace Jones, I wonder if she writes poetry?


Tickets to 'The Spirit of Keats' with Paul Turner, Vivien Munday and Will Kettle are available HERE.

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