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You’ll get over it

April 5, 2016


Prime told me to do it.


I snorted cocaine

through a "Bello" Pack of 5 Curly Wurly Drinking Straws

I got from Amazon.


Hid Prozac

in the belly of your favourite Turkish Delight

(not the chocolate one).


Laced my shoes with MDMA

turning my frown



Waited for my man

with 26

flowers in my hand.


Saved my hit

till it filled my face like

a face-coloured sun


with the light burned out.

Opened your ancient powder compact

full of heroine.


Face to face

with your last made



A sniff

of snuff,

I miss our stuff.


Turn on 1-click ordering

Fake Flesh Plug –

1.2mm Bar Thickness –


Powerpuff Girl –

PVD Black Stainless Steel –

Sold Singularly.





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