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The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie (1)

September 13, 2015




A sight to cheer

the heart of

any film watcher,

Simone grips

my Mr Whippy

on her way back

from the

ice cream van.







Luis Bunuel's surreal 1972 film looks like a 1970's porn film about to sleaze into action, from the splatted yellow font on the titles to the unfeasibly kipper ties.


Instead it's a steadily more outrageous series of reasons why some 'nice' people are unable to have a meal.


We are discussing 'Delicatessen', a Belgian film we cant name about a serial killer and 'Peeping Tom', what buffs we are.


The Belgian film is not 'Dogville'.


The people in the film are arriving for a meal and we are eating toast.


Floating clothes and fur = bourgeoisie.


They have now arrived at an empty restaurant and one woman has real, proper, genuine, platinum blonde hair, a rarity these days but de rigeur for '72.


Having heard the word 'poisson' Simone is imitating a fishmonger. I would pay good money to see this again.


PAUSE (Ironic - Simone has to go off to search for a guillotine during a French film).


'No I'm off and I don't want to eat here' reads the frozen subtitle on the telly, I think this could be a plot spoiler.


I hear the noise of the ice cream van. Simone goes to get one after we raid the doggy-bank.


Apparently 'fish without drink is poison', this accompanied by a seal noise which heralds a return to the film and a visit to the 'Embassy of Miranda'.


From the strange cruise ship flag it looks like any banana republic but hopefully blesses its coconuts for Richardson not Hart.


My notes say 'just in case', I have no idea what this means, but I have put it in just in case it was important.


Beautiful mechanical dogs are for sale on the street outside the embassy by a youngish woman with fatish arse.


The shaggiest yappy dog is soon shot from the embassy window by a diplomat who fancies himself as a sniper.







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