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Second Life by SJ Watson

September 11, 2015

1. A good first page.


2. 10% 


     A main character in denial about the death of a close relative.

     A German Partner.

     A son estranged from his parent.

     An alcoholic 15 years sober.

     Interesting set-up.


I like the style of writing, although so far exposition weighs it down like an Airedale in dinghy.


It's both dragging itself along and moving at a comfortable canter - an odd mixture. 


I'm just hoping the main character (Kate, Anna, Moon-Unit?) has a notebook in her wardrobe and a friendly psychiatrist because she's already, like me, had some memory problems.


That would be the drink I should think, but there has been so much 'I'm not ready to tell her that' so far that she quite possibly had a lobotomy performed by a blind chimp at some point in her past.


And that's certianly not going to get revealed yet.


A promising start.


Best detail so far, the plastic clips on cafe tables in Paris. 


Always good to have something to idly pick at while being fleeced for a branded fizzy beverage in a real glass bottle.


3. 21% 


Subtle as a telegraph pole on Wile-E-Coyote's head, there has been a Chekhov's Gun     and it has been fired. Still flowing along nicely, like a quickening pool of blood in a Parisian Alley. Now I can remeber the character's names, stage front is Julia, not Juliet (too highbrow, this is not Literary Fiction you know) or Julie (too lowbrow, this is not Chick-Lit you know) and she certainly is an impulsive Miss in a plot propulsion sort of way.


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