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June 14, 2016

Halfway through a different life

I asked ‘What would make me better?

‘Dark would’ said the answer measling

dodgy Braille on a pill packet.

I tried to believe that I was being guided


by a Thunderbird

sent from the other side (ITV).

It felt like a crowd, not solo,

even th...

November 11, 2015


He perfected the crackle

under electricity pylons.


The unfortunate buzz

of vandalised sub-stations

was all his.


If graffiti tags could talk,

his said ‘silent’

and he sat there,

echoing nasty –


a double entry

in the double exit,

twin hostages


behind a door.


A one-man Te...

September 19, 2015


Green Door


haunted by Mondrian, South Street Arts Centre.


With the steady glide

of an ophthalmic surgeon


a retina


I trace two perfect

set squares

with a needle point,

across the forehead of my student.


To form a perfect Swastika

as he faultlessly completes


September 10, 2015




Play Krispy for me


Little usherette a million shiny sprinkles multi-colour your boots.


In this world of low ceilings you are small even close up.


You are Gary Kasparov pondering Bobby Fischer’s last donut -


are you wasting?


Here! Hand me your glow ended red...

September 10, 2015


Athletics. Gmail (6)


You ran a mile

smile, you asked for it

a letter, let us be formal

normal it is not

get out of the way

got from transparent

to bad apparent

with no kisses

no hurdles

no long

and winding road

no signature

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