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December 31, 2017

Little usherette rock pools of empty blister packs scratch the soles of your 

beige slippers.

Are they yours, or another careless sad person?

You are dog sitting a dog for your sister, a black dog.
Cherub is licking his balls on your sofa, piggy eyes believing his Frenc...

May 14, 2016




Organ Doner


He found L shaped room

in a fork

on a creaking climb

up a bone

dead tree to snuffle orchids

that can huff their sex

to a pollinator

buzzing its own business

thirty miles away,

just to smell for himself this

aromatic GPS for hairy legged roamers.


Venezuela was quit...

April 11, 2016


My sabbatical from the Camembert

and semantics of Swindon



The mechanics constituted

slumps of down in the dumps

and what we were when civic was a duty

not a hatchback.


I've said before and I said it yesterday

give me Liddington Hill

in a handful of pills

or drive down


April 5, 2016


Prime told me to do it.


I snorted cocaine

through a "Bello" Pack of 5 Curly Wurly Drinking Straws

I got from Amazon.


Hid Prozac

in the belly of your favourite Turkish Delight

(not the chocolate one).


Laced my shoes with MDMA

turning my frown



Waited for my man

with 26


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