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January 2, 2018

Little usherette, piping hot drinks positioned like a cow-catcher at the front of your brushed steel trolley.

In this world of narrow aisles and apoplectic travellers, you are a purveyor of overpriced beverages and snacks attempting to slice your way from rear toilet t...

December 31, 2017

Little usherette fix bayonet and head for Ramsgate

you are the first line of defence against marauding Syrians

migrating economically north

instead of battling barrel bombs south.

With your tin hat and floppy vegetation fascinator

you will find them on the beaches,

the axles...

December 31, 2017

Little usherette rock pools of empty blister packs scratch the soles of your 

beige slippers.

Are they yours, or another careless sad person?

You are dog sitting a dog for your sister, a black dog.
Cherub is licking his balls on your sofa, piggy eyes believing his Frenc...

September 10, 2015




Play Krispy for me


Little usherette a million shiny sprinkles multi-colour your boots.


In this world of low ceilings you are small even close up.


You are Gary Kasparov pondering Bobby Fischer’s last donut -


are you wasting?


Here! Hand me your glow ended red...

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